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What’s the connection between the chronology of a life and who that person becomes? Asked why she became a writer, Kirsten Dodge replies with when. As a child she would tell herself stories before going to sleep, until her brother, in the top bunk, complained. Her mother told her she could think her stories, without telling them out loud. She’s been thinking up stories ever since. She wrote her first story at seven, during a week away from the family, but Let Me See is her first published novel.

The first half of her life was spent moving from place to place. Her father worked in heavy construction, taking the family to far places, including the Philippines and Australia. She met her future husband, Richard, in Architecture School at Berkeley. Soon after marriage they traveled courtesy of the U.S. Navy; at this time they started their family. The early years spent raising two children were also years of more schooling and additional travel, first to the east coast and then to Texas. Kirsten has degrees from Berkeley and the University of Texas at Austin, and has taught at UT, both in the English department and the Business School.

Kirsten next spent years writing and planning for business, and as a partner in a small auto equipment manufacturing company--a world far removed from academia. She served on a City of Austin commission for women and minorities, where she was given a crash course in practical politics. In 1990 she and her husband moved to rural Texas, where she writes and rides horses. Kirsten’s attachment to friends and family, openness to strangers, and desire to find out how we know what we know and what drives us to act, have come together in her commitment to a specific place.